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This website is designed to provide information, contacts and support to police officers and police services, as well as to the mental health services in their communities, to aid in their work with people experiencing mental illnesses. It is a project of the Human Resources Committee of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police. Here, you will find a variety of education materials, samples of agreements between police services and mental health agencies, guidelines for police services and numerous other references. 

  • If you are a first responder, you can find basic information about mental illness and tips for responding.

  • If you are developing programs and policy, there are examples of a variety of different kinds if joint response initiatives as well as generally guidelines that should be considered.

  • If you are implementing or managing a joint response initiative, there are sample agreements and MOU’s that may help.

  • If you are a researcher, you will find a comprehensive bibliography as well as many significant research reports

  • If you are a police leader, you will be able to get a general sense of the “state of the art” as well as the information necessary to provide leadership in this area


Key contact people for CACP’s Police/Mental Health Liaison Activities are
Dr. Dorothy Cotton, C. Psych. Psychologist, Kingston, Ontario
Chief Terry Coleman (ret’d), Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
They can both be reached at:

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